Showing and Breeding the Dogue de Bordeaux since 2005


This page is dedicated to our beloved girl "Jen" who went

over Rainbow Bridge on 21st January 2013.


 We're sending a dove to heaven

With a parcel on it's wings

Be careful when you open it

It's full of beautiful things

Inside are a million kisses

Wrapped up in a million hugs

To say how much we miss you

And to send you all our love.

 We hold you close within our hearts

And there you will remain

To walk with us throughout our lives

Until we see you again.


 15 years ago we rescued you from a stray kennels, you were already approx

years old.  We fell in love with you and you came to live with us.  A

Staffordshire Bull Terrier or maybe a cross, we didn't care, we just fell

for you.  Always a gentle friendly girl with plenty of love to give.  As time

passed the animal family began to grow, with each new addition you became

the "boss".  A mother hen, you looked after each new arrival, showing them

the ropes.  As the years rolled by your body began to age but your mind

remained that of a young dog. On your last day with us your body failed you

and we did the only thing that a devoted loving family could do, we gave you



We are forever grateful for the years of happiness you gave to us, the

years of devotion you gave to each and every animal who joined us, be

that dog or cat.  Now reunited with Diesel, your very best friend.

R.I.P Our sweet girl, free to play over the bridge.


Jen approx 13 years of age.


Jen with one of her human children, our friends little boy, approx 12 years of age.


Jen with her human child "Shannon" approx 8 years of age.


Jen with her best friend Diesel, approx 8 years old.



 Jen watching over Shannon whilst riding her bike. Approx 5 years old.










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