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Making the decision to purchase a puppy is one that should be made with as much knowledge as possible.

There are plenty of puppies available out there BUT please do your homework first.  Finding a reputable breeder can take some time BUT in the long run is well worth the effort.

There are an ever increasing number of DDB born every year to parents that have had no health checks and little care into maintaining the breed standard.  Whether you are looking for a show prospect or purely a well loved pet, you are entitled to buy a well bred dog where every care has been taken to produce healthy pups.

The health of the dogs is a VERY important issue, the parents should be x-rayed for Hip Dysplacia, the breeder should be able to provide you with the certificates proving these tests have been done.   Please see the Kennel Club's website for more details on Hip Scoring and the BVA Scheme.  However, just because a dog is hip scored does not mean it is well bred or suitable for breeding.  There are also other health tests that can be done, always ask to see the certificates.  More information on the health problems of the Bordeaux can be seen on the health page.

A good breeder will also endorse their pups, restricting the new owner from breeding unless health checks are taken and of a favourable outcome.  Agreeing that they will take the puppy/dogue back if something should go wrong. If the pup is being purchased as a pet only then the breeder may well also ask you Spay/Castrate at a suitable age.
They will also ask a million and one questions, they will want to know about your lifestyle, experience with large breeds, do you have children, a large safe garden etc etc.
And for as many questions as they will ask you, you should be armed with as many to ask them.  Any good breeder will welcome any amount of questions you have no matter how silly you feel they may be.  They after all will want to keep in touch with you and offer a life times support for both you and your dogue. 

A good breeder will have a waiting list and will only have a litter to improve the breed, paying attention to health, temperament and conformation.



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