Showing and Breeding the Dogue de Bordeaux since 2005

About us


We are Debbie and Brad and we live in West Yorkshire UK.  We have both

been involved with showing Bordeaux since 2005 but Debbie has been

involved with the show world all her life although with other breeds

including Rough Collies, Japanese Akita, Shetland Sheepdog, Samoyed,

French Bulldogs and Pug. 



The Bordeaux captured our hearts in 2005, we fell hook, line and sinker for

their charm, a dream breed for us!


We strive to produce true to type dogues which are sound in health, body

and mind.   Our dogues are health screened at the appropriate age.



We only breed when we are looking to continue our own lines and believe

quality outweighs quantity. Every litter is produced with the same passion,

health is paramount to us.


 All our dogs live with us in our home - they enjoy walking and playing in the

local water parks and are very much part of our family.


Our dogs are fed a Raw Diet which they enjoy, we feel we are feeding our

dogs the best diet we possibly can.


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